Why is Thicker glass better for bongs

man holding & smoking from glass beaker bong in Dublin. What’s the best way to clean your bong?

What is a good glass thickness for bongs

Why is Thicker Glass Better for bongs? Glass bongs are a type of water pipe used to smoke cannabis, tobacco or other forms of herbs. Glass bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the thickness of the glass can vary greatly, ranging from 1mm to 9mm in wall thickness. Many cannabis connoisseurs have wondered whether the thickness of glass matters when shopping for a new piece.

As it turns out, there are pros and cons to choosing either thick or thin glass bongs. Choosing the right glass thickness is important for one main reason, which is durability. But what makes a piece more durable? The main cause of death for a glass piece is due to dropping it. A thicker piece of glass is less likely to break when dropped because it can better withstand the impact. Ultimately, the best way to choose the right glass thickness is to experiment and see what works best for you in your smoking environment.

Is heavier glass better

Glass bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke, and for good reason. They provide a smooth, clean hit, and can be customized to suit any smoker’s preference. However, one of the downsides of glass bongs is that they are susceptible to breakage. Thin tube Glass bongs are more likely to break if they are dropped, so if you are clumsy, it is better to stick with a thicker heavy wall glass bong. Thick Glass bongs are more expensive as they cost more to produce glass is purchased in weight & heavy wall tubing cost more with less tubing per box compared to thin wall, but they are less likely to break easily, and will last longer overall. Choose wisely, and enjoy your smoking experience!

Why is Thicker glass better for bongs
Why is Thicker glass better for bongs

What kind of glass is best for bongs

Why is Thicker glass better for bongs? Glass is a material that has a variety of applications, and as such it comes in a range of thicknesses. Thick glass is often seen as being more durable, but there are reasons to go with thinner glass too. Interestingly, thick glass tends to crack more easily when heat is applied to it, which is why some pieces can develop cracks in them.

Why is Thicker glass better for bongs? The science behind this is that glass is made up of two layers: an inner layer and an outer layer. When heat is applied to thick glass tubing the outer layer heats up first and expands, while the inner layer does not. This uneven expansion can cause the inner layer to crack under the pressure. Thin glass doesn’t have this problem because both layers expand at the same rate when heated. So, while thick glass may be seen as being more durable, in some situations it can be more fragile than thin glass.

man smoking bong
man smoking bong

Pros and cons for using a thicker or thinner glass piece

So, there are pros and cons for Why is Thicker glass better for bongs?. The trick is to find a happy medium. If you tend to drop your pieces a lot, pick a piece on the thicker side, with a good grip to lessen the odds of dropping (those bubbles on your piece are not just for decoration).


If you prefer thicker, more solid pieces then go with thicker glass bongs instead of thin glass bongs – they will give off much stronger hits than thin walled joints do! But don’t worry if thick glass isn’t really what floats your boat because there are plenty other options available for all budgets and preferences out on this website right now too so find something that works best based off trial by error (and maybe even lots a error!), have fun experimenting until finding exactly which type suits YOUR needs.

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