Why Doozie Glass

Doozie is an innovative and environmentally conscious Glassware manufacturer. Our products are made in Ireland, with quality as a priority. We offer complimentary services including crack/chip repair, etching, deep cut & polish finish to our customers. Doozie wants to serve the growing demands of Millennials for high-quality alternatives to current Chinese or Indian brands by providing quality Glassware goods at competitive prices. At Doozie we are committed to being a company that partners with the environment and supports local communities through sustainable practices such as recycling and sourcing from renewable materials.

Doozie Glass is an Irish based company that offers unrivaled, unmatched service to the Irish consumer-like non before. With extensive customer involvement and catchy, creative marketing strategies, Doozie aims to differentiate in the marketplace through a competitive advantage over existing businesses operating in the market. Doozie Glass is an Irish company that designs and manufactures creative, colorful hand pipes, straight & breaker water-pipes. Starting with accessories, our goal is to introduce interesting products through targeted market research. Currently the Irish consumer acquires such pieces from international companies or in very few brick-and-mortar stores based in Ireland. We plan to change this by designing a variety of heady glassware for those who want something different than what’s currently on the market.

Doozie Glass is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, creative products across each category. We aim to introduce inventive items that are in high demand by enthusiasts alike and transform our eCommerce platform into a one-stop-shop for all things Doozie Glass.