What’s the best way to clean your bong?

What’s the best way to clean your bong?

After using your favorite glass bong for some time, it becomes dirty, this will result in a build up of residue within your glass piece. The solution to cleaning is very simple once you learn how, in this blog we’ll be exploring what’s the best way to clean your bong?

You may have seen some glass cleaning products, although they can be expensive. 

Here at Doozie, we’ve found our favorite method of cleaning and we have some tips for keeping your glass looking and tasting fresh. 

To begin, some things you’ll need are Salt, any salt works fine although some prefer kosher salt.

Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone.

The next item you’ll need is 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone.  Follow his link if you need to order some Isopropyl Alcohol based in Dublin City center.

Pour salt into your glass piece and then pour your cleaning mixture in. The salt acts as an abrasive as it doesn’t dissolve in alcohol or acetone. 

Give your piece a nice shake and be sure to cover any openings your piece has as you shake it to ensure none escapes. 

For smaller pieces you can mix your salt and alcohol together in a plastic sandwich bag and shake, this works well for cleaning down stems and ash catchers also. 

Once your piece is clean, empty out your mixture and then run cold water through your piece. The water will absorb the salt. After it’s had a good rinse your piece will be sparkling. This technique is most used by glass lovers, so without explanation this method placed first in what’s the best way to clean your bong.

How to clean glass bong without Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a common household product that can be used to clean a glass bong. However, if you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol on hand, there are other ways to clean your bong. 

man holding & smoking from glass beaker bong in Dublin.  What’s the best way to clean your bong?
What’s the best way to clean your bong?

Use dish soap & aquarium gravel 

First, rinse your bong with warm water to remove any loose residue. Then, add a small amount of dish soap to your Doozie glass beaker bong and fill it with warm water. Next, use your aquarium gravel or other solid item to stir around inside the bong and loosen any stubborn pieces of residue.

Finally, rinse the bong with clean water and dry it before using it again. Repeat this process as necessary to keep your bong clean and free of residue. One of my favorites is this simple technique deserves a spot within this post for those finding what’s the best way to clean your bong.

How do you dry a bong after cleaning it? 

If you aren’t planning on lighting up your bong right away, let it air dry to make sure all the water dries. If you want to hit the bong instantly after cleaning, make sure you properly towel dry all the pieces to ensure that no mold grows. 

What’s the best way to clean your bong?

For best results, use lint-free towels and dry all the pieces completely, including the down-stem, bowl, and percolators. Letting your bong air dry before using it again will help to prevent any residual water from getting trapped in the nooks and crannies and causing mold or mildew to grow.

Doozie’s Do’s and Dont’s when cleaning your glass bong


Clean your glass often to keep flavors fresh. 

Change the water in your piece frequently.

Clean smaller pieces at the same time as larger ones as you can spread your cleaning agent across a few pieces.

Use an ash catcher to prevent your main piece getting as dirty.

Rinse well following cleaning to remove any alcohol or salty taste from your piece. 

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Consider using a vaporizer through your glass as it will stay cleaner due to no smoke or ash being created. 


Pour boiling water into your glass pieces.

Leave dirty water sitting in your pieces for long periods of time. 

Drink alcohol or acetone as it is not safe for consumption. 

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