Chillum pipe 12mm & 10mm – Easy to use


Chillum Pipe one-hitter

These chillum pipe are a complete hit! They’re made of thick glass and even come with an ash catcher–surprisingly something you definitely don’t know how to use if you don’t smoke weed. Add one to your stash today for serious convenience, secure storage, and the perfect dishwasher-friendly piece.

The Doozie Glass Chillum pipe is your personalized one-hitter made of thick and break resistant borosilicate glass. This piece features a standard taster shape with a rounded mouthpiece for comfortable inhales, as well as a built in ash catcher to keep your sessions clean. It also includes official artwork by the legendary Doozie Glass Company! Tweet this post before you hit that buy button on our site! 



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Chillum pipe 12mm & 10mm – Easy to use
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