Bubble Base Dab Rig 2021 – Absolute hitter


Bubble Base Dab Rig

This dab rig is a basic designed and cheaply priced dab rig, but that doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. The one-hitter features an adjustable down stem diffuse with 45°angle neck and flared mouthpiece for your comfort during use. The compact mini dab rig is the perfect size for any adult who wants to get their hands on some hand-made glass art.

This small, 14mm female joint will fit in your bag and you can take it anywhere without feeling weighed down! The glass rig attached comes with one of our carb cap & banger: a durable curved set that’s just right if all-purpose use isn’t really what you’re after but better quality materials are necessary when vaping oils instead of using an oil burner or torch lighter.

Because those emit more harmful toxins into users’ lungs while also making indoor environments less pleasant due mainly from secondhand smoke buildup which causes discomfort even respiratory illness such as emphysema

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