Small Beaker 250ml – Smooth finish

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Small beaker big benefits

Looking for a top-quality small beaker bong that will leave you impressed each and every time you use it? Then check out the Doozie Glass 250ml Beaker Bong!

This 10-inch tall water pipe is made from high quality glass and features a removable diffused downstem. It’s also 3mm thick, which means it’s durable and can withstand some serious hits! So if you’re looking for a great daily driver bong or a perfect gift idea, then pick up the Doozie Glass 250ml Beaker Bong today!

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Looking for a simple, yet elegant water pipe that will leave you impressed every time? Look no further than the Doozie Glass Beaker Bong! This high quality bong is made from 3mm thick glass and stands 10 inches tall. It features a removable diffused downstem that helps to ensure smooth, tasty hits each and every time. The beaker shape also provides better stability than most other bongs on the market. Best of all, this bong comes at an extremely affordable price point, making it a great option for budget-minded smokers. So if you're looking for a great everyday water pipe that won't break the bank, pick up a Doozie Glass Beaker Bong today!