18mm & 14mm Bong Bowl – Solid structure


14mm & 18mm Bong Bowls

Doozie Bong bowl is a great way to keep your greens out of the bong and in your bowl. The one hole design helps to keep ash out of your water so it stays cleaner longer. The insulated design helps to manage heat when you’re going hard on those hits for hours on end! The Doozie Bong bowl is available in 18mm and 14mm sizes. Order your Doozie Bong bowl today and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, more consistent hit!

Plus this single hole bowls gives tons or airflow allowing 14mm & 18mm joints to shine even more than before because they can take full advantage without having any restrictions like other designs might impose due them not being able handle as much air pressure at once-giving an unbeatable diffusion experience using these high quality glass pieces created especially by our own team here at “Glass Favorites”.

Doozie Glass bowl come in both 14mm & 18mm sizes
18mm & 14mm Bong Bowl – Solid structure
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