Glass Bongs vs. Dab Rigs – New trends & consumption 2021

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Is there a difference between dab rigs and bongs?

Glass Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs!!!! Dabs have been all the rage for a few years now, but what exactly is a Dab Rig and why should you care? Dab rigs are used to smoke cannabis (CBD & THC) concentrates from. And if you’ve been wondering how to use one, it’s as simple as packing your banger with some of those lovely oils, waxes or concentrates, set the temperature & enjoy. It’s important to note that many people say vaping cannabis oils can lead to less lung irritation than smoking it because there isn’t any smoke involved—just vapor, we believe that either approach can have an impact on your lungs over time.

To much of anything is bad for you.

Dabs are the new trend for consuming cannabis. If you’re looking to get into this exciting world of CBD / THC concentrates, but don’t know what a dab is or how it’s different from other ways to smoke, then read on! Glass Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs are both water pipes that use water as a filter for the smoke produced by burning dry herbs, oils, waxes or concentrates. The difference between them lies in their design, shape, function & price. Throughout this article we will delve into both items the Glass Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs.

Are dab rigs better than bongs?

Countries that have made cannabis legal has led to an increase in popularity for glass bongs, which are used primarily as a way to smoke flowers. Mainly for bong Hemp Wick is a the best as a heating element or for dabbing a butane lighter is needed when using this form of consumption since combustion creates most herbal goodness through flame heating up the plant material and inhaling its flavorful fumes into one’s lungs!

The glass bong has been a popular way to consume marijuana for some time now. It’s not the most timeless method, but it does have its place in cannabis consumption history nonetheless with or without you being aware of this fact!

Dab Rigs

Doozie Dab Rigs & Banger
Doozie Dab Rigs & Banger

It’s not uncommon for a cannabis consumer to have no idea what is the purpose of a dab rig. New and fresh, glass pipes are still being used today as well, but they’ve been around since Cheech & Chongs blessed the world with their creative thinking (God Bless those dudes)-a bit more time than most people know about them! A glass bong isn’t just made for consuming flower either; adding a banger to you bong can be used to vape or even had on top with concentrates like waxes/shatter etc… just add a banger to the male or female joint on the item

It may seem like an complicated process for some people but don’t worry because it’s easy! First step of course is to put your torch lighter into action heating up your banger and then watch as it becomes redder heating up quickly before resting at just the right temperature – this will also cool down nicely if applied correctly so be sure not to allow the banger to cool off 😉 Once at the correct temp apply wax evenly across banger & embrace your journey of relaxation!!

Why are dab rigs small

A big part of what makes a dab rig or bong different from others is the size. You probably know that when you’re smoking dry herbs, in some cases it’s important to use products that offer maximum filtration and cooling power but with concentrates only smaller pieces will do because they produce more vapor on their own without having any additional accessories attached like water-cooling systems in some cases, the output should be brief.

Nectar Collector
Nectar Collector


A bong and dab rig are worlds apart when viewing the proice, you can pick up a cheap Chinese Rig for €60 or even less in some store, they will break easily & do not offer a great experience. Rigs can range into the thousands. However, a major difference between them can be seen with their accessories – while some people only smoke from one type of accessory or device (i.e.: pipe), others prefer using both at different times depending on what they’re feeling like doing during any given time period; this flexibility is something many find appealing about having more than one option available when it comes down to choosing how you want your high denoted!

Thin Snapper Bong
Thin Snapper Bong with Banger

While it may seem like a bong is cheaper than an oil rig, there are some additional costs that you need to take into consideration before making your decision.

For example: in addition to purchasing what’s necessary for using the device (a nail and other accessories), people also have their own personal taste when shopping so they might want more or less gear depending on what kind of experience they’re looking for – whether fun with friends or just getting wasted alone at home by yourself!

Are bongs good for dabs?

All you would need is the appropriate adapters to match your piece and what you want it for. This doesn’t mean that bongs cannot be used as dab rigs, but they’re not made with this feature in mind. A lot of people ask if a pipe can also work as an oil rig because both items seem similar at first glance-the answer however lies elsewhere: while certain pieces do come equipped with multiple use options none are exclusively designed for one task over another so make sure before buying!


So what are you going to choose? Bong or Rig? Well, if we had to make the decision for you (although it is ultimately your choice) our vote would be bongs. Why do we say that? Because they’re cheaper and more available than rigs! You can convert your bong into a rig just by adding a banger. Rigs are more of collectors item some costing in the thousands which look really well on your shelf. Bongs are mostly used but with latest trends people use dab rigs as communities prepare to vape wax using concentrate – Contact us if you have an interest in Irish made glass art – Doozie Glass

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