2 Popular, Badass Bongs, Straight Bong & Beaker Bong.

Female using a beaker bong / Why Glass Bongs are better than Silicone Bongs


So you’re looking for a new Beaker bong or straight bong which is better? Beaker or straight bongs? What are the differences and what’s best for your needs. There is no right answer, it really depends on what you want to do with your bong and how much money you want to spend. Let’s explore some of the major differences between glass beaker bongs & glass straight bongs so that in the end, we can figure out which one would work best for you!

A BONG or WATER PIPE can come in all kinds of different designs. There’s enough variety that it might make your head spin (or not). But we’re going to break things down into two categories based on shape: Beaker shaped bongs and Straight tube bongs. So which one should you choose? Well there are a few factors worth considering if they’re important to you. Whether or not their design aligns with your decor style, how big is too big when choosing size & where does this purchase fit within overall budget constraints…

The Notorious Beaker Bong

Doozie 500ml beaker bong
Doozie 500mlo Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are based on the design of a lab beaker. They have a flared out base that tapers into straight neck. This means you can avoid your big bong from falling over with its wide base and low center gravity. For those who want to use an ash catcher, this is super helpful since too much weight at the front of a bong with a small design base will make it fall down.

A beaker bong is a popular choice among smokers because it produces strong, cool hits that are less likely to splash into your mouth. The ice catchers on the neck of this type of water pipe make smoking an even smoother experience!

A beaker bong is a favorite for many cannabis enthusiasts due to its powerful and smooth hits they deliver. To ensure you don’t get any unwanted splashes in your face when taking big inhalations from these types of pipes, there must always be some form or control over how much water flies up at you with each drag– which can typically only happen by including an ice catcher inside the neck

For those looking for a bong that is easy to use and will pack one heck of a punch, you should consider the beaker bongs. They can be ordered in many different variations, designs from small, medium & large. Beaker Bongs process plenty dense smoke because they have large chamber sizes. If size does not matter much to you then your best bet would be using these kind of glass bong when it comes time for smoking marijuana or tobacco products.

Doozie Straight Bong

Straight-tube bong is one of the most iconic pieces in a smoker’s arsenal. It has been around for so long because it works well and provides an excellent hit every time, whether you’re looking to get high or not.

Straight tube bongs have been around for centuries, and their popularity is only increasing as new generations discover the benefits of cannabis consumption. Straight tube bongs are simple in design, easy to use, and highly effective at filtering out unwanted toxins and impurities. The straight tube bong is also one of the most affordable options on the market, making it a great choice for budget-minded smokers.

In a world of advanced technology and innovation, it can be easy to forget that the original bong is still one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis. Straight tube bongs are durable, reliable, and offer a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or a seasoned veteran, a straight tube bong is sure to give you the best possible smoking experience.

Straight Tubes

Straight bong with outer down stem
Straight bong with outer down stem

Filter Option #1: Straight Tube Bongs With Filters This type of filter looks like any other glass pipe or bowl; however, they have screens at the bottom instead of holes. These are typically made from metal mesh so there is less chance of breakage or shards getting

Cleaning bongs is an awful task, but it doesn’t have to be with a straight-tube. They’re easy to clean and always look good as new no matter how much you use them! The beauty of straight tube bongs is that they’re very simple to clean with just a quick rinse, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and expensive pipe cleaners.

The straight tube bong is one of two styles of water pipes. A traditional vertical look with its single or couple pieces, this classic design is made from Borosilicate glass that has been lathed into shape by the machine cutters by your local Glass blower! The standing upright pipe stands out as it proudly displays itself in all its glory thanks to not being curved like other types on offer.


When it really comes down to the facts, both designs have their advantages and disadvantages. The fact is that they are basically the same thing in terms of function and purpose. As with most things, you need to take your personal preferences into account when deciding what type of bong will work best for you. If you use a small sized bong alone or share it as part of group smoking session then either size would be sufficient for you needs.

But if this isn’t the case (like if you’re using a large bong by yourself) then go ahead and choose one based on how much space you want to devote to your new piece. You can also get more information about which style might suit your lifestyle better from our blog post

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